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Why Consider Opportunities with Us?

We help you plan for success. A winning career doesn’t happen without a plan. At CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties, we offer direct support in the areas you need to build your success.

Support means:

  • We offer the best training in the industry
  • Working with you to create and meet quarterly sales targets
  • Guidance and advice when working with customers
  • Efficient managerial and administrative staff
  • Fully-operational and maintained office facility
  • Marketing ideas, strategies, and tools

Get more from a New Career with CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties

If you're ready to explore an exciting and fulfilling career in real estate with CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties, we are ready to guide you to success. Make your career dreams a reality!

As a CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties Sales Associate, you will benefit through rewards, recognition, respect, and results!


Realize the rewards of a real estate career and realize them quickly!

CENTURY 21 distinguishes itself from other companies by:

  • consistently maintaining strong consumer awareness,
  • offering superior service to buyers and sellers
  • dedicating itself to technological innovation.

With more than 140,000 sales associates and 8,000 offices located in over 50 countries and territories, the CENTURY 21 System is the world's largest residential real estate sales organization.


Having won several prestigious international awards, including the "CENTURION Office", a career with CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties is powerful in establishing your credibility in the industry and building your professional reputation.

We give you direct recognition of your success through our graduated commission split earnings.


Buying or selling a home requires the guidance of a trusted and knowledgeable professional. With CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties, you will be that professional!

Potential customers will look to you for advice in making their home-ownership dreams a reality.

CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties is a clear leader, being one of the most recognized names in real estate in Jamaica.

Internationally CENTURY 21 continues to be the real estate brand most recognized by consumers, and real estate companies alike.


A career with the CENTURY 21 System can yield tremendous growth opportunities: personally, professionally, and financially.

We have a vested interest in your success, so we work with you every step along the way.

Our guidance and experience, when combined with your drive, will create unlimited potential within the real estate industry.

The CENTURY 21 Learning System is accessible and the continuous online and office training helps you to become effective and stay ahead.


Please read our 9 Core Values  for more information if considering submitting an application.