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Our Core Values

Our Core Values & Culture form the framework for how we will accomplish our goals and meet our mission. All persons asociated with CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties need to understand the need for these core values, embrace them and embody them. These Core Values are meant to be engaging, inspiring and act as the driving force for our daily activities.

Dedicated Professional Service. The team at CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties differentiates itself by providing service that is professional, empathetic and responsive. We go above and beyond the average level of service to create long-lasting positive experiences with our customers.

Results Oriented. The team at CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties is ambitious, career focused and goal oriented. We take initiative when working with our customers so they can get the results they need.

Embrace Change & Drive Innovation. We expect change and embrace it. Our team sets new standards of excellence within the real estate industry and is always thinking of new and innovative ways to provide superior service.

Committed to Learning & Self Actualization. Our team desires to grow both personally and professionally. We know that part of being able to deliver exceptional service is a commitment to training and education. We constantly re-invest in ourselves by taking advantage of continuing education. We stay knowledgeable of the changes in real estate so that we can pass the information onto our customers.

Honest & Open Relationships through Communication. We maintain our integrity in everything we do. We believe that when we are honest and open with others, we can build stronger relationships. These strong relationships allow us to achieve greater success in our lives. We are empathetic, loyal and respectful. We genuinely care about others both professionally and personally.

Pride though Quality Work. We take pride in what we do because we are consistent in our delivery of thorough and quality work. We take responsibility for producing only the best, as we try as always to exceed our own high standards.

Support Positive Team Work. We know that the best ideas and decisions are created through a positive team environment. The staff and sales team work collaboratively to address issues and overcome obstacles. We want everyone associated with CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties to excel. We care and support each other and we are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Passionate & Determined. We are passionate about our business and what we represent. We are determined to meet our goals and objectives because we love what we do. We maintain positive and optimistic attitudes so we can inspire others to do the same.

Corporate Citizenship. We are a responsible corporate citizen. We endeavor to remain successful so the wider community thrives. We conduct our business in a sustainable manner for our employees and shareholders as well as the wider society and environment.