St. Ann, Runaway Bay

Residential Lot |

USD $226,195

JMD $29,486,780 | CAD $311,042
£177,066 | €196,160
For Sale MLS-22027

The Tripoli development is a well established community which adjoins Cardiff Hall and Mount Edgecombe. The area is very upscale boasting a mix of high end owners from Jamaica and overseas. The homes are fabulously designed and well maintained. The remaining lots are attractively priced. The developer is willing to offer a vendor's mortgage to qualified buyers for 70% of the purchase price at a low interest rate of 6% for the first year. Tripoli is located minutes away from the post office, police station, golf course, private and public beaches, hotels, restaurants and much more. Runaway Bay is centrally positioned close to the North Coast Highway which makes for easy access to all of the island.



  • Lot Size: 73780
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